Meet The Staff

609Disputes staff team includes 6 full time team members here to provide everyone with the best experience possible. Our customer support team strives to answer all pre and post sale questions within 2hrs on average during business hours, often responding to emails after hours and on weekends. Our legal team is constantly staying up to date with the latest changes to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and ensuring we are always within full compliance to the letter of the law.

Using The Letter Of The Law

As mentioned previously were not here to try and find temporary solutions to your credit problems. Our legal team has devised a series of letters and follow up letters that get negative accounts, inquiries and public records off your credit report permanently according to the letter of the law. Our dispute letters are always backed up by case law and are written by very experienced and well trained attorneys.

Meet Our Team

Our Six Full Time Staff Members

Not pictured are part time employees, legal secretaries and our webmasters

Sophie Miller

Sales Manager

John Mayer

Director Of Operations

Lilianne Cash

Vice President

Samuel De Vitto

Chief Executive Officer

Marie Doulane

Customer Support Team Leader

Igor Mihaelcvski

Legal Team

Dispute Letters Only $49

The ONLY dispute letters proven to get accounts deleted permanetly even if their valid.

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