Andrew ยท Little Hills, AK

“I had a bankruptcy and repossession on my credit report and my Fico score was 562. I purchased the dispute letters from 609Disputes.com and after 3 months both the bankruptcy and repossession have been permanently removed and my Fico score is 689 now.”

Michelle – Chino CA

I had a repo and a foreclosure along with 2 accounts that were in collections removed after 2 months, my credit score went up 79 points by the 3rd month. Best $50 every spent, highly recommended!

Rodger – Los Angelas, CA

I took me about 4 months but I was able to get 2 delinquent accounts and a bankruptcy removed from our credit report. I now have a 680+ Fico and was able to finance a new car last month. The guys at 609Disputes were very helpful and I’m glad to be providing them with a testimonial.

Robert – Las Vegas, NV

“I tried a few other well known credit repair companies and after spending over $500 all they did was kept disputing my credit and sometimes it worked however if it was removed it reappeared within 6 months basically wasting my time. I gave 609Disputes a try for $50 and all of my negatives have been off my report for over 7 months now and have no reappeared”

Sarah – Salem, OR

“I’m going to be honest, the low price of this product led me to believe it was some e-book or other junk that wasn’t worth anything but I was surprised to see that I actually did receive 14 attorney drafted letters that disputed my credit “right to report” under the FCRA. My credit has jumped over 38 points in the past 2 months and Im expecting it to go even higher next month”

DeAndre – New York, NY

I figured $50 was a low risk to take, I knew that if something went wrong they promised a refund and if they failed to refund I could do a chargeback so I went ahead and gave it a try. It took me about 4 months but I had 16 items removed off of my wifes credit report and her score jumped from 549 to 692 once the items were finally removed. Im very pleased and was happy to provide a testimonial for the guys over at 609Disputes.com

Dispute Letters Only $49

The ONLY dispute letters proven to get accounts deleted permanetly even if their valid.

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